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The WAKE SHAPE is inspired by a WAKEBOARD. Its style and shape are excellent for your feet. It allows you to work the same type of balance as when you are on the wave behind the boat. It is our most popular shape of balance board.

Everyone can use it for all types of training. Its light weight makes it easy to carry it everywhere and goes well on a board backpack. It is easy to store and can also be put on the wall as a decoration.

The board includes a roll (0.75 KG / 1.65 pounds) made of durable materials for a smooth and quiet ride. Each board has stoppers, but these can be removed if you wish, but for your safety, it is not recommended.

The balance boards are handcrafted with 100% recycled wood. They are made in Montreal. We recover Russian cherry plywood, a wood of high structural quality. This one meets the highest standards of the wood industry and allows a resistance of more than 300 pounds. You can use this board inside and out. When you are not using it, you should keep it inside to maintain the board in good conditions.

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