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$11,276.00 $12,028.00
By Takuma

"The only electric eFoils legally approved for use on Canadian waterways.

The TAKUMA® eFoil Cruising 2 Jet® was developed to be easy to use for everyone, regardless of size and experience in water sports. TAKUMA® ensures thrilling sensations while maintaining full control.

TAKUMA® eFoil Cruising 2 Jet® Board: This new generation brings numerous modifications to our famous eFoil Cruising®, now recognized worldwide. The new design of Cruising 2® dramatically reduces drag and vibrations, optimizing comfort and improving control for an unforgettable carving and gliding experience in both rough and calm seas.

The Cruising 2® board is now lighter and more compact, with optimized volume offering incredible performance and more instant responsiveness. Powered by the high-velocity hydrodynamic JET turbine (HO-V5) by Yamaha. We reduced the size and weight of our Electronic Speed Control (ESC), making the eFoil lighter, reducing battery consumption, and allowing for longer sessions.

New external Bluetooth antenna for a robust connection, even under waves and before takeoff for heavier riders. Added strategically placed handles for easy transport and boarding. Hull attachment points for a handle used with a cart to assist with transport to and from the beach.

Remote Control: Produced by BBTalkin' specifically for TAKUMA®. Our new waterproof remote control features a simple ergonomic design that makes it intuitive to use. Easy to handle from your first try. Quick and consistent pairing with the Electronic Speed Control (ESC) in all situations. Clear visuals of the main battery block and remote battery charge. Vibrating and audible low battery level warning. "Cruise Control" mode. "Boost" Turbo button. Integrated safety system that stops the board when the remote is submerged underwater. Comes with a high-visibility ergonomic floating leash.

Why "Authorized in Canada"? The JET® Takuma® eFoils available in Canada have exclusive features that allow their use legally in Canada. Unlike other eFoils in the Canadian market currently prohibited by Section 1006(b) of Transport Canada's Small Vessel Regulations.

Overview of innovations in the Canadian model: The high-velocity hydrodynamic JET turbine module (HO-V5) by YAMAHA®: A turbine is necessary and required by Transport Canada for operation in Canadian waters. The turbine ensures that the user cannot be injured by the propulsion system, unlike models with propellers. Hyper-efficient, powerful, and safe turbine with a 4-kilowatt (4000 watt) brushless motor designed exclusively for TAKUMA® by our partner Yamaha.

We redesigned and modified the profile of our anodized aluminum mast to improve its rigidity, enhancing hydrodynamic performance and eliminating drag and wave impact. This reduces vibrations and allows for the gliding or flying effect above the water. The weight and propulsion assembly have also been reduced through the use of high-end components and materials, allowing speeds of over 30 km/h.

Premium quality Li-Ion 43.2V - 35Ah battery pack built exclusively for TAKUMA® by Samsung — Same cells as TESLA®. Fast charging (charger included) - With visual charge level. Approximately 90 minutes of autonomy (depending on usage conditions). 

The Safety Magnetic Kill Switch: The safety magnetic kill switch is necessary and required by Transport Canada for operation in Canadian waters. This kill switch adds an additional fail-safe layer to the one integrated into the remote control (see above). In the event of a fall, these two systems automatically cut the engine, preventing injuries or the eFoil escaping from your vicinity.

The system includes: A comfortable adjustable leash. The silicone magnet switch. The point of attachment to the board.

Other advantages offered on our Canadian version of TAKUMA® JET eFoils: 35Ah Battery Advantage (Battery Pack). Comes with a 35Ah battery (added value of $600) compared to the 25Ah battery pack offered worldwide