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The Funbox 11'7'' Starter is the ideal model to start and discover SUP! With its double layer Dropstich PVC construction, this board is stable and easy to control. The Starter range has been designed to withstand heavy use. A perfect board for discovering SUP on a lake or white waters. It will even allow you to take your first steps in sup surfing.

The Funbox 11'7 Starter is the Touring board of the starter range. Perfect for touring, it has an excellent comfort and a very good glide to paddle long distance without forcing. Alone or even with two people, it is the ideal board for exploring seas, oceans, lakes and rivers.

DIMENSIONS: 11'7 x 33" x 6" - 3.50 m x 84 cm x 15 cm


  • PADDLE - 3-part adjustable paddle Starter Alu

  • STARTER BACKPACK - High quality bag with reinforced seams for board storage. Size with board: 100 x 50 cm.

  • FIN - Removable central zipper.

  • REPAIR KIT - Patches for patches, PU glue and air valve spanner.

  • LEASH - With phone cable so you don't lose your board in any situation. Neoprene wrist strap for comfort and velcro ankle strap with anti-twist system.

  • SUP HP PUMP - With pressure gauge for more accurate inflation.

TECHNOLOGY - Dropstitch PVC Layer

1. E.V.A. PADS - Comfortable, non-slip and kick tail for rear foot support.

2. DOUBLE LAYER FUSION PVC - Double layer hot-fused PVC for increased strength and weight savings.

3. DROPSTITCH - High quality to ensure good rigidity. Tested at 18 PSI, ideal inflation recommended at 15 PSI.