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FACTION CT 1.0 178

$349.99 $699.99
By Faction

The CT 1.0 is a true grade A freestyle tool. It features the Candide Thovex Signature Shape, adapted proportionally for a near-symmetrical build.

The mounting point is at the narrowest part of the ski, providing intuitive pivoting. The Signature Flex emphasizes stiffer tips, helping the ski to blast through crud and stomp landings, without sacrificing the ability to butter and smear. We’ve also added Titanal and rubber for a bomber construction that will stand up to hard hit after hard hit. As a cherry on top, our newschool design expertise is now complemented by one of the oldest factories in the business, delivering a robust build with the smoothest finish you’ve ever tasted.

You'll love this ski if: You like to hit the park with a precise-shaped ski (less forgiving when applying pressure and turning the tips and tails of the skis), You like to carve tighter style turns, You want to be able to go backwards or land switch