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The fastest reacting Surf board on the water.
The Connelly AK Wakesurf Board is the epitome of agility and speed on the water. Designed for progressive, sendy surfers like Ashley Kidd

Weight range: 160lbs and more

This board boasts a shape that is ultra-responsive and perfect for carving up and down the wave with lightning-fast turns.

The added tail rocker and tip-to-tail concave base design, combined with its relatively narrow width, make the AK one of the fastest-reacting boards in the Connelly lineup.

The 1-piece EPS foam stringer-less core of the AK is built to last, ensuring you'll have a reliable and durable board for years to come. The full-length concave base design helps you generate speed and control, making it easier to lock in bottom turns, big spray slashes, and above-the-lip aerials. The Ghost Grip with its rear EVA pad provides ample traction, giving you the confidence to push your limits. The twin Futures 3.6" Vector reinforced surf fins give you precise control and stability, making it easier to maneuver and perform your best.

Our overall impression: If you're looking for a wakesurf board that is ultra-responsive, fast-reacting, and designed for maximum agility, the Connelly AK Wakesurf Board is the perfect choice. With its top-notch features, you'll be able to surf with confidence and style, no matter what the conditions.

Connelly AK Wakesurf Board Features:

  • Ashley Kidd surf design
  • 1-piece EPS foam stringer-less core
  • Full length concave base
  • Ghost Grip w/ rear EVA pad
  • Twin Futures 3.6" Vector reinforced surf fins